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Welcome to the AlgoStar

Investing fund on

Algorand blockchain

Your investment journey starts here

About $STAR 

AlgoStar is an investing fund on Algorand blockchain. We gathered a desperado team of investors who are ready to fight for the best ecosystem in the crypto space.

Easy to stake

You can easily stake our asset in your wallet and earn interest daily!

Read on to learn how to get more STARs

Three ways

Spliting investments on three directions:

1.ASA ( Algorand ecosystem)

2. Cryptocurrency

3. Real estate

No tricks

Locked initial liquidity

for 1 year.

No clowback

No Freeze


How to get more STARs? EASY!

In Wallet Staking program

In Wallet staking never gonna be easier then this!

This system is provided by The Algo Faucet staking program.

All you need is to opt in and buy STAR, just hold it in your wallet and every day you will earn your interest.

Asset Holders receive 35% APY

LP Holders receive 120% APY

HumbleSwap Farm

We are on Humble now!

Swap tokens from your tub, earn interest from your easy chair, or farm from your family room.

Humble farm has a floating percent, the less people participate, the more you get!

HumbleSwap - OpenGraph.png
Liquidity provider (LP) program

If you want to earn even more STARs you can become liquidity provider on Tinyman.

By adding liquidity you'll earn 0.25% of all trades on this pair proportional to your share of the pool. Fees are added to the pool, accrue in real time and can be claimed by withdrawing your liquidity.

Just holding tinyman LP tokens means you are already in The Algo Faucet program! You will get fees and you will earn STAR asset once per 24 hours

Locked liquidity

Locked initial liquidity for 12 month on tinylock

No Clawback
No Freeze
Locked STARs

Locked supply for 12 month on Vestige Vault

Read about risks

Crypto investments more gambling due to price changing, it is not 100% "safemoon"

Do not invest more money then you can afford to loose and don't forget it is only a 'fiver' 

If you have gambling problems visit

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